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Making the most of Multiple Learning Platforms

Making the most of Multiple Learning Platforms

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·Sep 10, 2020·

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There is a massive flood of opportunities on the internet from articles to books, courses, bootcamps and internships. More than ever, it is easy to become an aimless wanderer, just going through the motions and gaining nothing.

Personal Context:

I use several platforms to cover the backend part of my learning and at first, I felt swamped. Even worse though, at a point this week, it felt like I was just doing the same thing over and over (HTML, I am looking at you).

I discovered and applied a simple tip:

For each platform, define your goals and work according to them.

I'll explain below.

1. Write them down

A summary of the various resources you have. Remember to include Type of Programme, Duration and Language Focus/Curriculum.

2. Features

It is easy to gloss this part over. But there is so much under the umbrella of "Fullstack Tutorial". Examples are: Certification, the offer of mentorship, a vibrant community, new language, possible job opportunities, real-life experience, established global reputation, resume worthy etc. For YouTube Videos, I even stated the energy of the teacher.

Be very detailed here because this determines how you tune your attitude to each.

3. Special notes / Decision

The above would give you clues on what each platform can offer and now you can make a choice. For each, specify what you will focus on. You can use another platform to balance what you remove from one (e.g focusing on certification in one and community in another). Now based on the above, write notes on how you would apply this focus.

For one of my platforms, I decided to focus on the community. So, I was very active in helping others with the issues faced in their tasks. For another, I have freedom to choose resources I want so I focus on magnifying the tasks to include as much features as I can.

There is a YouTube video series which is not very detailed but you have to love the energy of the teacher (read: most crash courses). I usually listen to that on my way home in traffic jams and it supplies my revision needs.

After the above

I applied the above these tips to even more areas of my life so it is very transferable. It'll help me feel more fulfilled in each of my programs and I hope it is the same for you.

Let me know your take on all of them.

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