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Putting in the Work

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·Sep 19, 2020·

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I had decided to post things weekly on my blog but this is more like a journal than a technical article.

I've spent the past weeks writing and rewriting. I must have filled about 3 different journals with variations of the same thing.

This week, I've had to join several platforms and fill various forms (communities, interviews, social media) and each time I'm expected to introduce myself. Each time, I cement what I want to be viewed as and the areas I channel my energy.

I'm at a crucial point where my decisions will carve out the route my tech journey will take (though isn't every point like that?). Stay with me.

I admit I was tempted on Friday to search an article on Google and then replicate it to paste on the blog. I couldn't really do much coding because of several worthy reasons.

But then, that'd be a lie.. To the person reading this. And to myself. That'd be denying the importance of things I face and the strength of my will when I handle my challenges.

So I wouldn't give in to the hype realm. And I'd put in the work. Essentially, that's the message here.

P.S: A developer is more than just codes so this is going on my DevBlog.

I see I had two threads running through this post. I do hope you see the connection.

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