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SheCodeAfrica C3 Month 1

SheCodeAfrica C3 Month 1

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·Nov 2, 2020·

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Hello, I am currently running a bootcamp on Backend Development with Nodejs and Express from SheCodeAfrica. If you are a learner, feel free to use this as a roadmap and insight into challenges you may encounter.

It is a 3 month program that started October,2020 and I will be writing monthly. At the end, I will write a post on the application process and general organization mainly for those who may want to host a similar program.

If you have any questions, tips and suggestions on the topics covered below, do drop a comment.


  1. Week 1: Learn the basics of Javascript
  2. Week 2: Learn the basics of NodeJS
  3. Week 3: Start the 10 days of JavaScript challenge on Hackerrank
  4. Week 4: Complete the 10 days of JavaScript challenge on Hackerrank


MDN Docs on JavaScript

Getting Started with Nodejs - Full Tutorial

Eloquent JavaScript

Hackerrank 10 Days of JavaScript


This first month was focused on getting back in touch with the basics (cough cough). As a backend developer, you will need to know the ins and out of your chosen language and JavaScript has more quirks than most.

I was actually surprised when I discovered they were more than 10 challenges for the Hackerrank tutorials.


I am looking for speaking opportunities as this is one requirement for graduation. Topics I love include JavaScript (especially REST vs GraphQL) and Web Accessibility.

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