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State of web3 in Nigeria

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·Oct 31, 2021·

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If you're involved in the tech space, you would have heard of web3, blockchain and probably the finance equivalent - cryptocurrencies. The next evolution of the web is picking up steam with even already established "big" companies delving in - say a Hello to Meta.

Nigeria has made quite a name in the tech industry already for its talent in various fields and web3 would not be an exception. In this article, I'd be pointing out some companies, communities and people that are already doing great work.

Disclaimer: This list does not mean their operations are limited to Nigeria. It is also not exhaustive by any means - there are so many more amazing persons and bodies out there.

Let's dive in then!


Xend Finance

This is the first DeFi Credit Union and first company to build on the Binance Smart chain out of Africa. It is a Global DeFi Platform for Credit Unions, Cooperatives and Individuals enabling them earn higher interests in stable currencies on their savings. Website:

Helicarrier (prev. Buycoins)

Helicareer is providing crypto infrastructure for Africa with a mission to financially connect the African, anywhere they are in the world. They have an amazing suits of products including:

  1. Buycoins is the easiest place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.
  2. Sendcash is a crypto powered remittance product by BuyCoins
  3. Sendcash Pay is a suite of developer tools that let you add borderless payment experiences to your digital product.
  4. NGNT is a collateral backed Naira stablecoin Website:


Fluidcoins is Stripe but for crypto in Africa. They are providing Borderless Payments Infrastructure For Africa. Their focus is on businesses and they make it easy for online and offline stores to accept cryptocurrencies (10+!) from anywhere in the world as an alternative to fiat-based payment methods. Website:, Twitter: @fluidcoins



This is an amazing community that aims to reduce the barrier of entry into web3. They also build and support web3 developers and startups that emerge from the program. There are 3 tracks:

  1. Web2 Introduction: For no-coders to introduce them to web2 (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  2. Web3 Track: Core of the program and focuses on migrating web2 developers into the web3 ecosystem.
  3. Web3 Garage: Both for their students and those who learnt from other sources, the Garage will be focused on learning product life cycle user research, community engagement, marketing and within 12 weeks will be breaking and fixing codes to launch projects/ products. Website:


This is for every African woman in tech. It's a network of women for all women hoping to grow their knowledge and engage in the tech space.They also have a mentorship program with two tracks: web2 and web3. Website:


Blockchain Hub Africa has set out on a mission to grow Africa's blockchain talent pipeline as well as bridge the gap to entry for talents looking to build a career in the blockchain space in Africa. They are also committed to helping companies around the world develop, and build world-class blockchain talents. Website:, Twitter: @blockhubafrica


Oluchi Enebeli

Oluchi Enebeli is Nigeria's 1st female Blockchain engineer and co-founder of Crevatal. She's also the founder of LadiesDoTech (and web3ladies), a community focused on grooming more ladies in tech, with a focus on Blockchain. She has over 5years experience in software and blockchain development and currently works as a Blockchain Engineer with Bundle Africa. Twitter: @koderHolic

Jude Dike

Jude Dike is an Avid learner with 6 years professional programming experience. Currently the founder of GetEquity (decentralized start-up investments). He has worked on projects with companies from Nigeria, UK, and Canada across varied skillset spanning from Fullstack development, Devops, Ethereum Blockchain and Machine learning. His interest are in Finance, Energy, Tech, and Advocacy. Twitter: @bigbrutha_

Joseph Peculia

Joseph Peculia is a highly Skilled solution oriented software engineer who is passionate about building blockchain solutions, and leading teams. He's currently a Blockchain Engineer at and team lead at Twitter: @Bizmindx


And we're done (for now). Engage with the above list for your benefit. You could check out the companies career pages as a developer, gain inspiration from their solutions or even invest in them. Participate in the communities to grow with other like-minded people and also join in the trainings to improve your skills. The people above are builders so follow them on their journey and see their insights.

I'd love to know your own lists, so do drop a comment below.

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