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·Sep 4, 2020·

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My Hashnode Recent Activity shows I finally made the decision to join 2 days ago. In the meantime, I have been:

  1. Browsing Cover images (From Semicolons to Odin's runes)
  2. Checking out various profiles, usernames and titles.
  3. Writing sample posts in my head (I could have just used the draft function)
  4. Lots of research on cross-posting (Thank you Catalin and Quincy Larson )

That is enough talking.. I would like to welcome you and get to know you.

I should probably go first.

I'm Bell. I love knowledge and making use of information from diverse fields. You can bet I have a wide field of interest but in reality, it is actually all linked.

I am working towards being a fullstack developer and growing both my coding and non coding skills in tech. I have made some mistakes earlier on in my journey (haven't we all?) but have also been able to get amazing insights into some areas.

The aim of the blog is as the name goes. Define: to make things clear. I also love the meaning of making clear the outline of something, I read it as standing out.

You can expect posts on coding journeys, practical resources, insights into making the most of your journey and exploring various technology concepts.

Feel free to point out my references hidden everywhere.

I sincerely look forward to this journey.


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